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  • Bed bugs are tiny little insects that suck the blood from humans and animals. The adult bed bug is 4 or 5mm long with a flattened oval body and no wings. It is a reddish brown colour, whilst the baby bed bugs are translucent so cannot be seen without the aid of a magnifying glass. They crawl around bedding and feed during the very early hours of the morning, about an hour before sunrise. They are present throughout all months of the year and are able to reproduce all year round. The eggs are milky-white coloured and about 1mm wide. They are usually found in clusters of anything up to a few hundred.

    No one relishes the thought of Bed bugs or their eggs inhabiting their bedrooms and if you suspect that you may have a bedbug infestation then you will want to get rid of them as promptly as possible.

    There are a number of products on the market for ridding your home of bed bugs; these include bedbug specific insecticide sprays and powders. One of the most effective home-method is the use of a steam cleaner because the intense heat from the steam will kill them outright, it will also do a great job of cleaning your mattress and wherever else you intend to use it.

    Because Bed bugs are so tiny and they multiply at a rapid rate you can never be 100% sure you have got rid of them all, that’s why most people prefer to call in pest control professionals to eradicate them completely.

    If you are bitten by a bed bug you will probably not feel it right away. When the bed bug bites you it simultaneously injects your skin with an aesthetic which numbs the surrounding area, this means you are unaware you are being bitten until the numbness wears off. Everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites, some people get weils that weep puss from the middle, whilst others experience tiny red bumps like a rash. They are always incredibly itchy and excessive scratching at them can cause infection in the skin or even scarring. Other than this, bed bugs are not actually considered a medical threat because they do not transmit any known diseases. If you have bites on your body that you think may be caused by bedbugs, you should closely inspect your bedsheets for tiny droplets of blood.

    Bed bug eggs hatch in one to two weeks, and the newborn nymphs begin to feed immediately. They pass through five moulting stages before reaching maturity, requiring a feed during each of these stages. They are attracted to the warmth of human bodies and the carbon dioxide on our breath. Their favourite place to thrive is the bedrooms but they can be found in cracks and crevices of other places through the day. Their most likely hideaways include the seams of mattresses, cracks in your bed frame or headboard and behind bedroom furniture.

    At one time bed bugs were pretty much completely eradicated from the United Kingdom, but in the past fifteen years they’ve begun to make a comeback. There are a number of reasons for this, firstly the increase in accessible and cheap international travel, along with many foreign nationals making a home in the UK. Secondly, there used to be an insecticide used to kill off cockroaches from place of high occupancy, such as hotels and it inadvertently killed bed bugs at the same time. Unfortunately the use of this substance is now banned and many types of bait are used to catch cockroaches instead. These baits don’t attract the bedbugs so they are left in peace to thrive once more.

    Bed bugs are most commonly brought into homes after you have stayed in a hotel or other residential establishment, which was experiencing an infestation. The bedbugs crawl onto your clothes and are unintentionally packed away in your suitcase and brought home. They can also live in upholstery so are sometimes brought home with furniture from thrift shops or car-boot sales and antique fairs.

    One of the best ways to keep them at bay is to keep an extra clean and hygienic house. Vaccuum everyday and vacuum your mattresses on a regular basis. Change your bedding at least once a week and boil wash and tumble dry it if possible. By using DIY products along with maintaining good hygiene levels and regularly deep cleaning you are likely to keep any emergence of bedbugs under control, but to fully eradicate them from your premises you don’t have much choice other than to call in the pest control experts for a fast, efficient service.

    Bed bugs are pretty hardy and can survive very cold or hot temperatures, they are certainly one of the most difficult household pests to fully eradicate. They can crawl through walls to adjoining properties and can travel on clothes or blankets, so you should be very careful not to transfer your bedbug infestation to neighbours or friends properties.

    If you suspect a bed bug infestation in your home, you are highly advised to contact the pest control experts immediately.

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